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Operators need the right education to be able to carry out their job. Sufficient employability is essential and knowledge gaps are not desirable. To optimize employability you need to be able to manage the education and training of employees. A software system like the Employability Manager can offer a solution.

Employability translates to the possibility to properly perform a job. In other words how well an employee is at doing his job. The Employability Manager helps you to get a clear insight into the employability of every operator at a certain work place or at a job. To determine the employability of employees it is important to first have a look at the requirement that are needed to properly execute the job. Which training should an employee have followed? Which instruction should he have read? And which skills should he have?

The Employability Manager makes is easy to link trainings, instructions and skills to a job function. The total of these trainings, instructions and skills can be seen as the requirements of a function. Based on these requirements it is possible to determine the employability of an employee. Does he have all the trainings, instructions and skills his employability will be 100%.


It can happen that a training or instruction expires after a certain time. Once this period passes the employability decreases.

To find out why the employability of an employee is lower you can click on the name of the employee. A new screen will appear with a detailed overview of all modules and their status for this employee.


The overview shows all required courses for a certain function or work place and the status for the selected employee. It is also possible from this screen to plan certain courses.

This simple functionality will allow you to determine the employability of your organization and gives you the possibility to improve to overall score.

The Employability Manager is a online software tool that will help you to manage the education and training of employees to optimize the employability.

More on the possibilities of the Employability Manager can be found here.

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