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Discover how the Employability Manager can help your organization


Safeguard the quality and knowledge of employees.

With the Employability Manager you can ensure that knowledge is never lost. Instructions and educations can be re-planned automatically to make sure that employees always have the required knowledge.


Increase the employability of employees.

The Employability Manager gives a clear insight in the required training modules per functions of workplace. When needed you can educate employees to improve their employability.

Internal vacancy

Fill internal vacancies.

The Employability Manager helps you to select qualified employees for a function, based on education, skills and competences needed.


Face an audit with confidence.

Audits like HACCP audits, ISO audits and SCC often revolve around the education and qualification of employees. The Employability Manager ensures that you have insight in the training status of all employees involved and helps to have employees trained in time for an audit.


A new project is starting.

With the help of the Employability Manager you can simply select those employees who fit the project best, based on education, competences and experience.


An accident has occurred.

The Employability Manager ensures that you can prove that all employees have the required training and qualifications.


Encourage employees to develop.

With the Employability Manager everyone within the organisation can see which qualifications and skills are needed to grow and make promotion.


Looking for a trainer on the work floor.

The Employability Manager gives you the possibility to find those employees which have the necessary level to train his colleagues.

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