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Process Manufacturing

The Employability Manager is a Learning Management System (lms) which helps to simplify the education and training of an organization. It is a complete solution to determine the employability of employees and get the best out of your organization.

Originally the Employability Manager is developed to use in companies involved in process manufacturing. Many functionalities of the system have been developed as requests from process manufacturing companies.

Specific possibilities to educate operators:


Employability and Knowledge Gaps

Operators need the proper training to be able to carry out their job. Sufficient employability is essential and knowledge gaps should be minimal. The Employability Manager will help you to get a clear view of the employability of each operator for a certain work place of function.

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Skills matrix

Skills and Skills Matrix

Besides education, trainings and reading instructions, skills are also essential to properly carry out the tasks on a work place or function. The Employability Manager helps to get insight into the required skills, setting targets and keeping track of the historical records. The integrated skills matrix is the ideal tool for the job.

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Personal development plan Employability Manager

Personal development plan

The Employability Manager will help you during the entire HRM cycle. Making assessments, giving 360 degrees feedback to personal development plans, everything can be managed easily. It is even possible for operators to view and comment on their assessments and development plans.

Industrie extra mogelijkheden Employability Manager

Even more possibilities

Employees can enrol themselves for certain training courses. A learning path can be made for operators. Reminders can be send automatically for an upcoming course, or when an employee is late for finishing a training. Everything to simplify the administration of the training and education of your organisation.


Business development plan (BDP): create your own business development plan in one simple overview for functions or work places. Simply select which training modules belong to which function or work place. Once a module is selected the training module will appear on the personal planboard of each employee who has that particular function or work place.


Personal plan board: Operators have their own personal planboard on which they can see their training courses and instructions, the date before which the module has to be completed and an overview of their own history.

Personal plan board

Skills: Keep track of the skills of all employees. Assess the skills on a self-defined scoring scale and determine a target based on each person, function or work place.

skills matrix

HRM tools: Every employee has his own overview of HRM forms that are applicable to him or her. You can determine per type of form whether this is visible for an employee and if he can make changes.

HRM tools

Despite the many possibilities, the Employability Manager is a simple software tool that ensures that every user will only get to see what is relevant. This ensures that the system is easy to understand and at the same time helps to delegate certain duties and responsibilities. For instance, responsibility for safety courses can be given to the SHE-officer and the responsibility of the employability of a team can be that of the team leader. It also makes it possible to let an operator only see his own information, but a plant manager to see the information of every employee.

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