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Development of Employees

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The development of employees is a continuous process. Nowadays more and more is being asked from employees, it is therefore important that they have the opportunity to grow. Being able to have a good overview and keeping track of all the various aspect of employment development a software application is essential.

Organizations and employees develop constantly

Development needs

The demand for the development of an employee can originate from the organization, for instance because there is a need for personnel with certain knowledge and qualifications. It is also possible that a certain position develops and employees need to grow along in order to being able to properly function. The demand for development can also originate from an employee. Out of interest or ambition it is possible that an employee want to develop. As organization it is important to stimulate employees as much as possible in this. An employee who is not stimulated in his work will eventually be bored and less motivated. To give employees the opportunity to develop they have the possibility in the Employability Manager to make request for following training courses. An employee can simply fill in their request by clicking on an icon an selecting the course. The manager can approve the request and an HR employee can then make all the arrangements which are needed.

In both cases it is important to notice this demand early on and properly manage the process. Supporting employees is essential not to loose control and keep employees motivated in their development. A balance has to be kept between the interests of both the organization as the employee. Personnel development consists out of multiple aspects, it is not just following training courses. Also the skills and attitude of an employee are important.



Learning and Training

One of the most obvious aspects for the development of employees is following training courses. Maintaining the required level of knowledge, but also gathering new knowledge is still the most frequently used method for stimulating the development of employees. Work instructions are an important part of the development of knowledge, particularly in the process manufacturing industry; which procedures are there? How do I operate a machine? What are safety regulations?

More on how the Employability Manager can help you with the education and training of employees can be found here.


To make learning and training a continuous process setting up a curriculum for employees is a good way to create more structure. A long-term plan per employee ensures that the development of employees is guaranteed and requires less looking after. With the help of the Employability Manager creating curriculum profiles for employees, the training of employees can be made much simpler.

Curriculum profile


Besides knowledge, skills are also a good way to develop employees. Learning to execute tasks independently contributes to the employability of employees and is a good addition to the theoretical development that employees get from trainings and courses. The Employability Manager can give a good insight into the skill set of employees with clear overviews and a skills matrix. These will also give an indication where development is still needed, or possible. Learn more on how the Employability Manager can help you with skills.

Skills matrix

Behaviour: Assessment / Competences

The Human Resources department often uses the performance reviews to track the development of employees and discuss the possibilities. This are then summarized in a personal development plan (PDP). The Employability Manager helps to support the entire assessment process; from performance review to development plan. Because the application also can set trainings it is possible to use the personal development plan to plan the required training courses for employees. Learn more about how the Employability Manager simplifies the HRM cycle.

HRM tools


The employability can be used as guidance for determining the development possibilities of an employee. Both for required trainings, instructions and skills as for any desired additional training courses for extra development. Learn more about the employability of employees.


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