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HR Performance & Development Cycle Simplified

The Employability Manager helps during the entire HR cycle. From making assessment forms, 360 degrees feedback, to personal development plans, everything can easily be managed in one overview. Employees can even see their own assessment and development plans and possibly give comments.

The HR performance and development cycle is complex and demands a lot from an organisation. Filling in the assessment, set up a development plan and list strengths & improvements for all employees every year is a time consuming task.

hr performance and development cycle

The Employability Manager makes is easy to complete these tasks. In one screen you can see the various forms of all employees. You can only see the employees and forms you are authorised to view. This makes keeping overview simpler. Sort and filter ensures that you can find the right form quickly. In the overview you can also create a new form of any type. Open a form to review it and make the necessary changes if needed.

Overzicht hrm formulieren

With the help of the Employability Manager you can determine which employees can view, fill in and makes changes to assessments. You can also ensure that everybody only sees relevant employees and forms in their own overview.

For example; every team leader only sees the operator from his own team. From his team he is only able to fill in the performance forms. By contrast the production manager only sees the team leaders and is able to fill in the performance forms and set targets. The Hr manager is able to view all employees within the organisation, but can only fill in the development plans. It means that tasks and responsibility can be distributed throughout the organisation.

Employees can also be given the possibility to view and fill in their own forms. This contributes to the involvement of employees with their own development, but can also help to clarify assessments and reduce any resistance employees might have.

Persoonlijk overzicht hrm formulieren

From the performance and development cycle it is possible to make changes to the training plans of employees.

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