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Skills are essential to be able to properly function in an organization.
The Employability Manager helps you get an insight into the skills of your employees.

Skills are defined as the possibility to properly execute certain actions.

Increasingly skills are used to assess the functioning of employees and determine their employability. Although knowledge based on education and instructions remains indispensable, skills are ever more important to determine if an employee can work properly and independently.

The Employability Manager offers the possibility to record and assess the skills of employees, but also gives a clear overview of the entire organization with the help of a skills matrix. For each employee the skills can be scored and a goal can be set. The difference between score and goal shows if an employee still needs to grow to reach the desired level, or that he already has reached the predefined targets.

skills overview

The Employability Manager also has the possibility to look back to the previous times that skills have been assessed. This gives an historic overview for each employee.

skills history

Besides assessing skills it is important get a clear overview. For which skills do employees have to score better, and where in the organization as a whole are important shortcomings that need to be resolved? A skills matrix, or competence matrix is the ideal tool for getting that overview.

skills matrix

The skills matrix of the Employability Manager directly gives a clear picture of the scores, targets and gaps per employee, per skills and in total. This overview makes is easy to see where points of interest are and where improvements are needed.

The Employability Manager is an online learning management system that helps to get a grip on the learning, training and skills of an organization.

More on the possibilities of the Employability Manager can be found here.

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